Bring Your Customer Communication to Order on WhatsApp

Lose track of your work chats in WhatsApp inbox? Try Cooby Extension. Prioritize chats. Reduce clutter. Never miss a follow-up.

Your WhatsApp Inbox Is Going Out of Control

Customers, colleagues, vendors, plus friends and family all clutter your WhatsApp inbox. You need to keep things in order on WhatsApp as you scale your business.

A Better and Faster Way to Manage Customers Than a CRM

CRM busywork slows you down. It forces you to spend more time entering data into another system.

Unlike a CRM, Cooby Extension is built for speed. Zero setup time. Build your own communication workflows in 30 seconds.

Supercharge Your WhatsApp for Work

WhatsApp is built for personal use. Yet, your business relies on it. Mute, Pin, etc aren't enough for you.

We combine everything from tabs, search, and sales processes in one simple and intuitive workspace—right within WhatsApp.

Take Control of Your WhatsApp Chats

It's easy to lose track of conversations. Use Unread, Awaiting Reply, Needs Reply tabs to find a chat thread much faster and never miss a message again!

We Design and Build With Privacy at Heart

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We will NEVER sell your data or keep it hostage. We do not store your conversation data by default. Think of Cooby Extension as a UI layer on top of WhatsApp.

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Hear What Our Customers Say

Over 90% of our customers are more than happy with Cooby Extension. Hear what our customers say about our product in Chrome Store reviews:

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