Frequently Asked Questions

Need some clarifications? Let us address your Cooby-related queries!

General FAQ

Yes, you may. Although, for certain countries like India, locally issued credit/debit cards are only allowed to pay in INR as per Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) latest e-mandate on recurring transactions online.

Yes, you may. Cooby is designed so that anyone with a regular or business WhatsApp number is able to organize their inboxes according to their needs and preference.

Unfortunately, we do not support API numbers just YET! We focused on enabling regular or business WhatsApp numbers to work around the constraints of APIs such as having to wait for customers to make the first move and the greatest limitation of using templated messages with API numbers - missing the human touch of sending personalized messages.

Technically, yes. Although, this is not advised as changing numbers will mess with your settings and pre-made custom tabs.

What makes Cooby special is that we are highly focused on addressing a very obvious problem: WhatsApp is just not made for work. We see to it that your issue is addressed as effortless as possible, that is why Cooby Extension has 0 set-up time, works directly on WhatsApp interface (no need to learn new UX), and it is highly customizable to your needs and liking.

Cooby Extension

How do I use Cooby Extension?

Contrary to popular belief, Cooby Extension is actually not designed to be an inbox sharing tool nor a marketing tool. It is a productivity tool that boosts work efficiency on WhatsApp by organizing and personalizing your inbox into tabs according to your needs.

It is even BETTER than your average CRM. With Cooby Extension, you are able to skip the long and tedious setup time. You are able to set up your workflow in a matter of seconds right within WhatsApp where the UX/UI is already familiar to you.

In compliance with WhatsApp's policies against spamming, we do not support automated and bulk messaging.

With Cooby Extension, you are able to organize your WhatsApp inbox into tabs according to your needs, you are able to set follow-up reminders, take down notes right where the conversation happens and share a chunk or an entire conversation to whomever you wish, AND schedule events.

  1. Unread tab πŸ‘‰ chats that you have not opened and are unread
  2. Awaiting Reply tab πŸ‘‰ chats that you've already responded to and are waiting for replies
  3. Needs Reply tab πŸ‘‰ chats that you have yet to reply to
  4. Groups tab πŸ‘‰ group chats
  5. 1:1 tab πŸ‘‰ individual chats
  6. Official Accounts tab πŸ‘‰ official accounts
  7. Broadcast list tab πŸ‘‰ broadcast lists

Cooby Workspace

While Cooby Extension is primarily focused on organizing a user's personal WhatsApp inbox, Cooby Workspace is designed for teams who choose WhatsApp as their main communication channel with their customers.

Team leaders would have the visibility that they need from their team members’ activities on WhatsApp to ensure that no important customer insight is missed. Data is collected from their conversations with clients and presented in custom graphs and charts that could be used for coaching purposes.

If you are a team leader who wishes to have more visibility on your team members’ activities on WhatsApp. It is designed to collect and analyze data from conversations so that no customer insights are lost.

As we give high importance to privacy, only customer conversations will be shared with Cooby Workspace. Team members have the right to keep their personal WhatsApp conversations to themselves.

What makes Cooby Workspace special is that team members are able to use their regular WhatsApp numbers. What it does is connect the different numbers to a single workspace for the team leaders to monitor.

No, you do not need an API number for Cooby Workspace! You and your team members could simply use your regular or business WhatsApp numbers.

What makes Cooby Workspace special is that it gives team leaders the visibility of their team members' activities on WhatsApp that they can use to coach and even replicate winning strategies through:

  • Workspace Conversations enables team leaders to gain visibility overall customer interactions within team members' WhatsApp, team member account transfer that would prevent information gap when a subordinate leaves the company, group customer communications in custom buckets.
  • Workspace Analytics gathers data points such as response time, response ratio, keywords, etc.

πŸ‘‰ Response time - response time of both your team members and the customers
πŸ‘‰ Chat ratio - the ratio of messages sent and received
πŸ‘‰ Response rate - the percentage of responses
πŸ‘‰ Message quantity - number of messages sent and received by team members
πŸ‘‰ Topic analysis - key topics in wins and losses