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Student Sponsorships

Siliguri Institute Of Technology

This chrome extension helps me a lot in many ways, First of all, I don't like to be unorganized and this extension helped me a lot in being and connecting with friends and people in an organized manner. This sorts my college needs, personal needs helps me to categorize things.
I am very grateful to you and your all team for such a massive effort and for building WhatsApp Cooby, You guys did tremendous work.โค๏ธ

International Institute of Information Technology

Thanks to Cooby for creating this amazing tool. It really helped in managing my WhatsApp chats and plays a role in increasing my productivity by giving me the option to create different chat sections to focus on my work and keep distracting chats away during the same. Hoping it will incorporate many other features in the coming future. Great job Cooby :-}

Sponsored Membership

We believe a good tool should be accessible to everyone. If youโ€™re a student, work at a non-profit, or are struggling to make ends meet, please send us your story on WhatsApp and we will sponsor your membership if approved.