James Mamakos

James Mamakos is a full time Operations Support Engineer while wearing different hats for multiple charities across the United Kingdom such as the Orthodox Fellowship of St. John Baptist and The Greek Orthodox Youth of Great Britain.


As a treasurer for OFSJB, James has countless 1:1 conversations with trustees and donors. He also has multiple group chats with the team members for the different programs they run. At the same time, as part of the organizational committee for OFSJB Youth, he has multiple private chats with parents and interested parties while also being a member of various internal and external groups.

Solutions and Impacts

With all the different roles he has to fulfill, aside from his work WhatsApp and a personal one, James has 8 different e-mail addresses that he has to stay on top of. Yes, you heard that right, 8! You can probably call him a whiz for being able to manage the inflow of messages he receives on the daily as this is definitely no walk in the park. This is where Cooby steps in to save the day!

Since discovering Cooby, James was able to curate a personal system with 10 customized tabs that helps him effectively stay on top of his WhatsApp. He organizes his tabs based on the charity involved and prioritizes them according to urgency and importance. James proves that there are endless ways to curate your inbox that would suit your needs and liking. He also proves that as a matter of fact, it is possible to tame your WhatsApp!