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We know it’s a big decision to switch to a new CRM system, so we will help you with that.


I already have the company internal system. Why Cooby?

Because we are designed for sales individuals. For example, Cooby provides task management, potential lead database, and deep integration with Line and Gmail. You can view all your sales activities in one place.


What messaging apps does Cooby support?

Currently we support only Line, but soon we'll add support for WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.


What platform does Cooby support?

iOS and Web app are released in Feburary 2021. We'll soon follow up with Android app.


I don’t want to manually type in client data. What can I do?

Look no further! We support contact import from your favorite messaging apps like Line. Client names, photos, etc will be automatically imported which will save you tremendous amount of time.


Will you have a team version?

Yes! Cooby supports the personal version for now, but we plan to build a team version so that you can easily collaborate with your colleagues on Cooby.


Is Cooby free?

It is! Cooby is free to start with. We believe that product speaks for our care for the customers. We want to offer free trials so you can fully experience Cooby before deciding whether you want to subscribe to a paid plan.


Privacy Pledge: We will never sell your data to any third-party without your permission in any aggregate or individual form.

Your data is encrypted via Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) defined by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), using NIST-recommended GCM (Galois/counter mode). Our encryption flow complies with IND-CCA2 which has the highest Ciphertext indistinguishability.

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