Coach your sales teams based on reality instead of hearsay

Gain insights into what's happening in WhatsApp with Revenue Intelligence from Cooby. Stop nagging your sales and customer success teams.

Customer insights are lost every day as your teams use WhatsApp to communicate

WhatsApp triumphs over emails in reaching customers, but using multiple WhatsApp accounts create communication silos and disconnect from internal systems.

Problems? Companies lose insights. Managers struggle to coach. Individuals feel disempowered to share knowledge.

Like a truth serum for sales

100% accurate tracking and insights from WhatsApp

Track sales activities, aggregate customer contacts, and teach sales pitches based on actual WhatsApp conversations.
Stay on top of your market and competition from customer conversations.

Empower your team for knowledge sharing and learning

Build a library of insightful customer conversations to capture the tribal knowledge that'd otherwise be lost if your team changes. This makes onboarding new members much easier and more consistently.

Cooby Chrome Extension

Make your sales and customer success team happy

Cooby Extension is rated as the best Chrome extension that supercharges your WhatsApp for work. Using reminders, groups, sales process, notes, calendar integration, etc right on WhatsApp Web.
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Sales just changed! Managing sales teams has never been easier.

Goodbye, hearsay. Hello, TRUTH!

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